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Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only membership organization comprised of some of the world’s most elite and successful young entrepreneurs.


Forbes Councils is a collective of invitation-only communities for the world’s most innovative executives and business owners in a variety of industries.


Men’s Health Councils are a collective of invitation-only communities for business owners, professionals and executives in the health, wellness and fitness industries.


Why It’s Important To Build A Community


Our Community Management Expertise Is World Renowned

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How We Work With Brands To Build Engaging Communities

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Boost Engagement and Improve Retention

Transform your customer base and influencer groups into highly engaged online communities with our proprietary, built-for-you community solution. Requiring minimal support, our program increases retention and brand affinity in ways traditional customer service efforts cannot. Our U.S.-based concierge team does all of the heavy lifting, managing both online and offline engagement and connecting your members to one another based on their specific business needs.

  • On-demand access to a powerful brain trust of peers to solve business challenges
  • Educational resources, premium benefits and vetted service providers
  • Online members-only forums, social media and dashboard, all monitored by a dedicated, U.S.-based concierge team
  • Member publications to drive offline engagement
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Increase Exposure With Built-In Brand Awareness

Maximize brand exposure by turning your community members into a network of expert contributors supported by a professional editorial staff. We connect members online through platforms like Twitter and Facebook, helping amplify your brand socially. We also interview your members to create fresh thought leadership content on a regular basis across multiple media properties — enhancing their personal brand and strengthening their affinity with yours.

  • Steady pipeline of free, professionally edited content
  • Dedicated editorial staff works with members to extract, create, edit and publish professional content without the need for your own internal resources
  • Heightened brand exposure via our external content distribution and social media amplification
  • Enhance and magnify social media sharing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing
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Plug-and-Play Solution Creates a 360° Experience for Every Customer

Instantly turn your brand into the provider of a full utility belt of benefits for customers’ day-to-day needs. Our white-labeled, comprehensive benefits portfolio includes everything from engaging educational content to volume discounts on business services and, because of our U.S.-based concierge team, requires no internal resources to research, source or contract with third-party providers.

  • Dedicated business services concierge team customizes benefits based on community needs over time, collecting vital, ongoing customer insights and data for you to leverage
  • Marketplace of volume discounts and special offers from vetted, pre-qualified providers, including travel and insurance
  • Highly engaging educational and community-driven programming such as video interviews, blog content and digital masterminds
  • Proprietary technology platform makes it easy for members to get the most out of their membership and requires no internal resources
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Easily Impact Thousands or Even Millions of Customers

Build a property you invest in and own that creates exponential value over time. Our proprietary, built-for you community solution easily scales in size, scope and services, making it easier than ever before to build on your past success with new, exciting products and members-only, VIP experiences that strengthen affinity and heighten brand awareness.

  • Curated members-only events
  • Members-only publications including handbooks, quarterly magazines and blogs
  • VIP and bespoke experiences
  • Tie-ins with major media outlets

The CommunityCo Vision


Our Story


At CommunityCo, we believe that community is the next frontier of customer service. That’s why we pioneered a brand-new methodology that enables professionals to solve their individual challenges at scale: solution communities. By combining human community managers, data, social media and our technology platform, we are able to take a proactive, data-driven approach to connecting professionals to the right peers and resources they need, exactly when they need them.

Members are able to tap into a powerful brain trust as well as access educational resources, premium benefits and vetted business service providers on demand. In short, they get all of the benefits of high-touch professional organizations with the scalability, ease and on-demand nature of social media. Today, CommunityCo builds and manages many communities for B2B brands’ professional, SMB and executive customers, transforming their customer base into highly engaged, curated communities that drive greater loyalty and improve overall retention. Read More >