Today’s customers want more than a product — they want a reason to believe. Our benefits portfolio is a way to make your brand part of your customers’ daily lives.

Visibility Benefits

Help your members stand out and elevate their personal and business brands.

Thought Leadership Publishing

Sharing thoughtful content online is one of the best ways for today’s professionals to get noticed. However, everyone today can be a content creator, leaving the landscape oversaturated. We work with you to create a program through which you can invite curated, vetted experts to share best-in-class content via your brand channels. This mutually beneficial relationship lends your brand’s credibility to your members, while producing a channel of low-lift, high-quality content for you.


We’ll work with you to train our in-house editorial team in the guidelines of your brand, then support each member one-on-one to ensure their content is perfected. Finally, we’ll integrate with your CMS to take the tasks of scheduling and publishing off your plate.

Expert Panels

We know that not every member is interested in, or prepared to, author long-form article content. That’s why we offer members another option to get their ideas shared. Through our Expert Panels tool in your branded member dashboard, members respond in 400 characters or less to predetermined question prompts that will resonate with your readers.


Our editorial team takes care of the rest. They select the best answers and form them into Expert Panel articles to be published on your channels. The content produced is highly shareable, thanks to a digestible format and the expanded network and reach of the multiple members featured. It’s one more low-lift, big-results method of bringing quality content to your readers.

Executive Spotlight Profiles

Through our technology platform and member intake process, we collect relevant data that allows us to build each member a custom profile which can include their biography, contact information, areas of expertise, achievements, activity on your website, and more.


Through an entirely automated process, we’ll build these individual pages into a suite of Executive Spotlight profiles that live on your URL. These profiles increase members’ affinity and loyalty by tying them closely to your brand. They also become an additional piece of SEO real estate to help meet your marketing goals. Members often find their Executive Spotlight Profiles rank in the top results of searches for their name, garnering them — and you — new sources of traffic.

Digital Badging and Marketing Materials

Turn your customers into ambassadors who promote your brand to their networks everywhere they exist online. With your input, we’ll create on-brand official member badging for those admitted to your community to publish on their websites, social channels, email signatures, and more.


Members love this benefit because it builds their credibility and makes it easier to connect with others in the same group. At the same time, you receive thousands of extra points of promotion for your brand, with inroads to audiences you may otherwise have never reached.

Thought Leadership Multimedia

A constant output of diverse, impactful content is crucial to getting your brand noticed. Yet maintaining a steady stream of optimized content marketing is time and resource consuming. We’ll assist by developing multimedia channels of content for your brand, such as podcasts and gated webinars. With your feedback, we manage the entire process — branding, strategy, contributor selection, production, distribution, and promotion. You just watch the extra engagement roll in.

See what community can do for you

Connections Benefits


Become the glue that connects your customers to resources and to each other..

Dedicated Concierge Team

You want your customers to associate your brand with quality, efficient service and we can help. We’ll provide members with access to a highly trained concierge team — under your brand’s banner — that becomes an extension of their own team. Our concierges support members with access to benefits, personalized opportunities and experiences, introductions to fellow members, and connections to services and resources. All of this is done without utilizing your own internal resources.

Knowledge Sharing and Connections

When your customers spend time online, we want them to spend it with your brand. We’ll create private, branded forums that live within the member experience. Members can log in from their desktop or mobile app to engage in conversations, collaborate, and network with others. We monitor and moderate the forums to ensure conversations remain focused and every member has the opportunity to engage.

Your forums will become members’ go to destination when they open their computer, phone, and tablet, providing you with authentic and strategic means of further developing brand loyalty and driving revenue via targeted offers.

Members-Only Events

Bring people together around your brand at members-only events that promote engagement and affinity. We can work with your current events team or provide full-service solutions. Either way, we’ll create events that are tailored to your customers and that put your brand front-and-center. We’ve eschewed the traditional “networking” events consumers are tired of to create memorable and valuable experiences such as pop-up activations, weekend retreats, highly-sought speakers, exclusive dinners, and more.

Growth Benefits

Play a pivotal role in helping customers grow their bottom line and succeed.

Business and Executive Coaching

Your mission is to be additive to your customers’ lives. What better way to do so then to provide them with the push that can take them to the next level of success in their businesses and careers? Opt-in to grant your members access to our expert team of coaches. With their support, we produce monthly live content and regularly update a digital library. All content — including those with special guest speakers — will be produced under your brand, with virtual live events occuring in your member forum.

Travel & Business Services

Add increased daily value to your customers’ personal and professional lives with our marketplace of partner brands and services. Choose which vetted providers you’d like to work with, then we’ll take care of the rest. Members access discounts in a marketplace within your branded member portal. We offer members self-serve options, such as a direct link to exclusive deals on rental cars, hotels, telecom products, and software; as well as the opportunity to have services such as benefits, payroll, and business taxes shopped and selected for them.

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