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The Community Company builds and manages top-quality professional groups in partnership with influential brands. If your work supports clients in the advancement of their career and business goals, we can help with exclusive access to our communities via our Certified Partner Program.

“As the world becomes more focused on the people who run companies, and less interested in faceless brands, it’s more important than ever for comms pros to embrace communities.”

PR Week

Deliver More Value to Your Clients

Your clients expect you to deliver access and exposure. Scott Gerber, CEO of The Community Company, explains how our Certified Partner Program can help you provide additional value to your clients.


Make Valuable Connections


Opportunities for advancement come from being connected to the right people at the right time. In our highly social world, everyone wants to “network,” but few of these digital relationships result in a valuable, real-world impact.

We’ll ensure your client has an ever-growing, yet strategic group of advisors and partners. Each member admitted to our communities has been carefully vetted and selected, for both their track record of achievements and their willingness to collaborate. We’ll help form relationships via our online forums, exclusive event access, and thoughtful introductions via our concierge support team.

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“The access to the networking, publishing and learning opportunities through The Community Company definitely helps our clients in their journey to becoming thought leaders.”

Kelsey Raymond, CEO & Co-Founder, Influence & Co.

Gain Authentic Exposure

We can solve the biggest challenges you face in gaining media exposure for your clients. With exclusive access to publishing bylined content via our brand partners, your client’s content will have greater visibility and credibility in the face of an increasingly saturated digital content landscape.

You and your clients will have access to individual support from our in-house team of editors, who assist with shaping content so its primed for both our brand partners’ platforms and the audiences you’re trying to reach.

Our Expert Panel program makes it easy for clients with little time or writing experience to share their insights in short answer snippets that are published bylined, alongside fellow industry leaders in full-length articles.

All content created by members is shared on our branded social channels in multiple formats over an extended time period, ensuring your clients’ name is further associated with a credible source and achieves extended reach.


Of c-suite executives will pay a premium to work with a company that publishes thought leadership over one that doesn’t


Of c-suite executives shared their contact information after consuming thought leadership


Of decision makers report that consuming thought leadership improves their respect for an organization

“Executives must go full bore with multi-pronged strategies that help seed, promote and amplify their ideas with regular frequency: traditional editorial-run contributor models, branded content placements, native content publishing opportunities provided by membership communities.”


Grow and Overcome Challenges



When we ask members about their biggest professional challenges, one theme comes up over and over again — time. If your clients struggle to find the time to prioritize their own development or to step back and strategically plan for their businesses while constantly driving forward, we can help.


Each of our community members gets an exclusive seat in a digital forum for collaboration with fellow vetted and curated leaders. Members find that this on-demand access allows them to seek or provide advice and opportunities on their own schedule. And because our forums are professionally moderated, conversations remain focused and members are pulled in strategically to participate.


We’ve also partnered with a renowned group of business and executive coaches to bring members variety in levels of expert support. Members can access a library of exclusive educational content, participate in live Q&As with special guest speakers, or opt-in to a more robust, one-on-one coaching program.

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“Every PR professional is aware of the traditional branded content model, where agencies or companies buy content placements on publications to promote brands. But new models, such as membership organizations that offer content placement as a benefit, can serve to amplify the individual voices of executives and clients.”


Program Benefits

If you are approved for our Certified Partner Program, you will have access to:

Preferred membership pricing for all accepted candidates you nominate to any of our communities

24 hour turnaround time on admissions decisions from our selection committee

Sneak peeks at upcoming membership benefits for your clients

First looks at new communities and partner brands

Concierge level support

Request Access

To join The Community Company’s Certified Partner Program, you must have one of the following:

1. A referral from an existing partner
2. An existing certified partnership
3. An invitation to apply from The Community Company

Your request will be reviewed by our internal committee and if you appear eligible, you will be contacted by our team with next steps.