Create and Monetize Native Content

Your Challenge

You’d like to launch new customer categories and diversify into trending native content products such as personal branding and executive thought leadership. However, not all native content is created equal. You need to ensure yours is valuable to your audience, on brand, and maintains your standards of quality journalism.

Solutions We Provide

Scalable, Tech-enabled Experience

We deliver highly valuable, on-message influencer content to our clients with no heavy lift on you or the contributors. Contributors simply log into their personal dashboard and answer pre-populated questions in a few sentences. Our expert editorial team takes care of the rest.

Qualitative and Quantitative Insights

Turn your best audience members into an internal focus group. By asking your audience to create content, you uncover what topics are at the forefront of their minds. That data becomes a powerful tool for driving your marketing and sales messaging.

Increased Social Reach

Each of your audience members has their own sphere of social influence. As members of your contributor network, they will create and share their content with their networks, amplifying your brand to a broader audience.

Plug-and-Play Strategy

It’s challenging to strike the balance between content that your audience wants to read and content that serves your brand. Influencers are the experts on what the rest of your audience is talking about. Let them lead the way.

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