Diversify into Non-Advertising Revenue

Your Challenge

You need new sources of revenue that go beyond traditional advertising to truly engage and inspire, but that don’t require heavy financial investments or internal resources.

Solutions We Provide

Outsourced Sales Professionals

Our membership team knows how to sell community. Our in-house selection committee ensures every potential customer is a good fit before an invite is extended. And our team of seasoned membership directors reach out to prospects, connect, answer questions, and close the sale.

Multi-Channel Marketing

We’ll strategize where and how to best reach your prospects, then devise a multi-channel marketing plan that brings potential members inbound, educates them about the community experience, and passes them to our membership team for vetting and closing.

Plug-and-Play Model

Setting up a new community is simple and efficient with our plug-and-play model. Partner with us to strategize on who your audience is and what they’ll want, then choose from a menu of options to tailor their experience. If you want something more, we’re happy to create additional custom integrations. 

Best-in-Class Technology

We’ve created a priority community management and member experience platform that enables members to share their ideas, create new opportunities, and further their success. Our tools, including an all-in-one mobile app, make it easy for members to engage anytime, anywhere.

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