Increase Traffic and Reach with a Contributor Network

Your Challenge

You need fresh, high-quality content in order to increase traffic and engage new influencers. Highly shareable, frequent content builds your inbound opportunities and reach, but must be achieved without risking your brand or journalistic integrity.

Solutions We Provide

Scalable, Tech-enabled Experience

No need to wrangle a bunch of freelancers. We trigger your contributors to log into their personal dashboard and answer pre-populated short questions. From there, our expert editorial team create ready-to-publish content tailored to your audience.

Audience Members Become Insiders

When you create a contributor network, you anoint the thought leaders. Your invitation to become an insider builds affinity and loyalty. Your brand becomes part of your audience members’ personal story — the one they tell to everyone they meet.

Strategy-driving Insights

Turn your best audience members into an internal focus group. Uncover the topics that are most important to your audience members by asking them to write about their insights. Use that data to drive everything from your content calendar to marketing messaging to your product roadmap.

Expanded Social Network

A contributor network turns your audience members into influencers for your brand. And research shows that today’s consumers trust the word of influencers more than that of traditional advertising. Tap into that critical connection and build your social reach.

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