Forbes Councils

A collective of invitation-only communities for world class executives and business owners in a variety of industries and metropolitan areas.

Leaning on The Community Company’s deep understanding of community building and Forbes’ global reach and resources, we’ve created a space for exceptional business owners and leaders to come together with the people and resources that can help them thrive. We provide our members with a growing list of support benefits that help them save time and money, and a platform, CommunityVoice on, through which they can amplify their voices and exchange ideas.

Tom Davis, Chief Marketing Officer

Forbes Media

Forbes Agency Council

For leaders of successful PR, media, create, and ad agencies.

Forbes Business Council

For business owners and leaders in major metropolitan cities.

Forbes Business Development Council

For senior sales and business development executives.

Forbes Coaches Council

For successful business, career, and executive coaches.

Forbes Communications Council

For senior communications and public relations executives.

Forbes Finance Council

For senior financial executives and leaders.

Forbes Human Resources Council

For senior human resources executives and leaders.

Forbes Nonprofit Council
For senior leaders of nonprofits.

Forbes Real Estate Council

For senior executives and entrepreneurs in real estate.

Forbes Technology Council

For senior technology executives and leaders.

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