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Community as a Service


How do you strengthen your audience? Build them a community. Or better yet, let us do it for you. Our end-to-end community creation and management program is highly customizable. Choose from a menu of benefits you can add to or edit over time, and we’ll create a seamless experience rooted in your brand’s values and ethos, that your customers will love.

Member experiences and benefits focus on three areas of value for your audience:


Create a new channel through which your community members can publish thought leadership content on your property. We’ll handle educating members on what to write about, editing their content with an in-house team of professionals, scheduling content as makes sense for you, and amplifying content via social media channels.

Publish actionable, shareable articles while providing members with a low lift way to get involved. Expert Panels are articles created by our editorial team from member’s responses to short answer prompts. With a simple-to-use interface, this feature is popular with members. And because of the combined networks of contributors, the content garners excellent reach.


Offer members multiple ways in which to access knowledge and build their skills. We provide a team of expert business and executive coaches, an on-demand library of content, monthly live chats with sought-after guests, and options to dig deeper with one-on-one coaching experiences.


Give your members the gift of time with access to our concierge team. These high-touch support professionals become an extension of the members’ own team, assisting with everything from benefits usage to vetting business services.


Make a branded destination the destination where your members spend time online. We’ll provide a custom digital forum, professionally moderated, where members can collaborate anytime and from anywhere.

Bring people together around your brand at custom events or event integrations that are exclusive to members and tailored to your message and values.

How it Works

Community as a service is an end-to-end product that eliminates the planning and management for you.

Plan a community steeped in your brand’s ethos

Identify your strongest potential members

Attract and add new audiences

Deliver experiences and benefits beyond expectation

All of this is delivered through a combination of the human touch from our team of community experts, and our proprietary technology platform that makes both the brand and user experience elegant and accessible.

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Value of a Community


New recurring revenue streams

Increased traffic

Social amplification

Better influencer engagement

Low-lift production

More real estate

New inbound channels

Content creation engine

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Our community programs are customizable to your brand, audience, and goals. Let’s talk about what community can do for you.