We’ve created a priority community management and member experience platform that enables members to share their ideas, create new opportunities, and further their success.

Mobile App and Desktop Dashboard

Put our benefits and community experience in the palm of your customer’s hand. Our mobile app and dashboard come custom, white-labeled for your brand and updated regularly for new features and ongoing functionality.

Users are updated via push notifications and emails of personalized opportunities to engage, so that these tools remain the most valuable of their digital destinations. Whether on-the-go or at their desk, members can stay connected to their community, benefits, and our team.

Profiles and Directories

Public member profiles are branded pages, customizable and maintained by each member via quick edit tools. These profiles are optimized to rank highly in search results for each member, linked from our own channels, and heavily promoted by members themselves.

Our private directories are member-exclusive versions of public profiles with more robust information and search features to allow members to find and request introductions to impactful potential connections.

All data from public profiles and private directories is stored securely and accessible by your team so that you can learn about who your customers are and what they need.

Digital Forums


We’ve created a proprietary social forum for members to privately connect and knowledge share by topic, geography, or other custom criteria. Members can collaborate on challenges or opportunities in real time, while your team gains greater insight into the conversations that are top of your customers’ minds. Forum archives are simple to access and search for long-term referencing.

Each forum is administered by a team of community managers who provide expert moderation to keep conversations focused and pull in individual members for personalized experiences.

Content Creation Tools

Streamline communication, eliminate emails, and store documentation on member-created content in one place. When submitting articles, members participate in a one-on-one editing experience, exchanging ideas and feedback all from within the tool. Administrators and editors seamlessly edit content, communicate with members and one another, format, and export content for publication on any CMS.

In our Expert Panel tool, members see regularly updated cards of personalized short writing prompts that they can filter, save, and answer at their convenience. Submitted responses are accessible by administrators who can edit, format, and export for publication.


Customize your members’ marketplace by opting in or out of discount partnerships with dozens of strategically selected brands. Members accessing the marketplace can easily filter by service category, need, or brand, then are connected to the partner offer directly from the dashboard for a seamless experience.

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