When Zach Obront started his career in publishing, he spent most of his time helping authors who had written books but needed assistance with design, publishing, distribution, and marketing. But he noticed that, more often than not, the people who should have been writing books — established experts with a wealth of knowledge to share — were not the people who were writing them. “They tended to be too busy running a business or speaking, and they weren’t managing to get to the finish line of creating their book,” says Obront. “So our goal was to say, ‘okay, how can we reconstruct the way we’re thinking about publishing to support those people enough that they actually share their ideas rather than just writing outlines over and over and never moving forward?’”

The result of that brainstorming was Scribe Media, which he co-founded with author Tucker Max to systemize and simplify the book-writing process for non-fiction authors. The objective, he says, is getting business leaders to “take the same approach they would take in their business and think, ‘what are the high leverage parts of the project that need me, and what can I delegate or build a team around me to do?’”

Authors who work with Scribe must have deep subject matter expertise and ideas that will be valuable to readers. “It’s somebody who knows the subject material of something backward and forwards,” says Obront. “They usually end up being executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs, speakers, and some academics. Really anyone who’s so deeply immersed in a field that they really feel comfortable that they have all the ideas they would want to share ready to go. They just need support in getting them out.”

Obront says that being a TCC certified partner “makes me feel like I’m able to really support and better help the authors I’m working with, and it makes them appreciative.”

After they’re vetted, authors are assigned a scribe who works with them on the creative elements of the book, and a publishing manager who takes charge of logistics. The scribe interviews the author, helps structure the book, and produces a first draft while the publishing manager assembles a team to design a book cover, lock down the title, and put the other publishing details in place. The author and the scribe work together to produce the final product. Scribe Media publishes 95% of its clients’ books under its own imprint, Lioncrest; the remaining 5% have relationships with traditional publishing houses.

Obront is part of The Community Company’s Certified Partner Program, a select group of marketing and communications experts chosen for their exceptional integrity and industry reputation. Certified partners connect with TCC to fast-track their clients’ applications to elite professional groups TCC has built with influential media companies such as Forbes and American City Business Journals. Community members can network with a vetted group of peers in professional forums, get exclusive event access, and can request introductions through TCC’s concierge team.

“For people who are writing books, it’s very common that a big priority is the connections that come from the book,” says Obront. “And so [TCC’s communities] are an opportunity for authors to really accelerate the meeting of like-minded people, whether that is through forums or in-person meetups. They know they’ve got this community of people that they can reach out to, or ask for advice from, or meet up with and get to know.”

Community members also have the ability to submit thought leadership content through TCC’s media partners, a benefit that can be important for authors who are promoting books. “There are definitely times when we’re excited about leveraging this as a part of the marketing strategy,” says Obront. He currently has clients in YEC and in eight Forbes Councils communities. Obront says that being a TCC certified partner “makes me feel like I’m able to really support and better help the authors I’m working with, and it makes them appreciative.”

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